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The Most Favoured Mattress Company in Hawthorn and All Surroundings Areas

The Most Favoured Mattress Company in Hawthorn and All Surroundings Areas

The power of a good mattress and the value of sleep are two concepts that go hand in hand. At Silky Sleep we want all our customers to experience a great night’s sleep with a top-quality mattress, which is exactly what we offer.

Affordable, comfortable and luxurious, we only use the best designs and materials to create truly magical mattresses. All of our products will meet your expectations and give you the rest you need. Our mattress company is renowned for shaking up the mattress industry with incredible firm mattresses, plush mattresses and our famed pocket spring mattress design.

Offering our products all across Melbourne, we want everyone from Hawthorn to Canterbury, Richmond, Mitcham and beyond to have a blissful sleep.

What Makes Our Mattress Company So Popular?

In addition to being luxurious and built to last for well over 10 years, every mattress we have is made with pocket springs, for an added touch of opulence.

A pocket spring mattress is made from individual pocket springs enclosed in its own fabric. They each work separately and the springs only react when pressure is applied to that particular area, which results in a high level of personalised support to each person sleeping. Pocket spring mattresses are excellent for those with back problems, and those who crave correct support.

Specialising in three different types of mattresses, our company offers the PostureSS mattress, the Siesta PLUSH mattress and the Siesta FIRM mattress. All come in king, queen and single to suit your particular needs.

Browse Our Great Selection of Mattresses

Get the sleep you crave and transform your energy with a mattress from our reliable and trusted company. From the innovative design of a pocket spring mattress to our 24-hour delivery and 10-year warranties, Silky Sleep has something for everyone to get excited about.

Explore our range today or contact our team on (03) 8821 9881 or 0466 188 841, or via the contact form for any questions or queries. We provide our services across all of Melbourne, including Mitcham, Hawthorn, Canterbury, Richmond and beyond.


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